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How We’re Making Halloween Special for Our Toddler This Year | Truly Mama

If there’s one holiday that my husband will never skip, it’s Halloween.

Even long before we had our son, he’d start talking about the holiday in August. He knew what day local stores would put their Halloween decor online, he knew when the Halloween pop-up shops opened (and where they were located), and he always bought a costume — even if we had no plans for the actual day. He loved taking me to scare mazes or spook fests and one year, I even threw him a Halloween-themed birthday.

When I found out I was pregnant four days before Halloween, we celebrated that night by going to a fun, “spooky” mystery walk-through at Lyndhurst mansion in Sleepy Hollow. We also started referring to our baby-on-the-way as our little pumpkin, a nickname that has stuck with him to this day.

Last year, our son was four months old in October and I was nearing the end of my maternity leave, so we had time to make his first Halloween one to remember. We had a hard time settling on one baby costume- baby Halloween costumes are the cutest as well as being surprisingly affordable-so we got him a special giraffe costume for the day, in honor of his favorite toy, Sophie la Giraffe.

Because our son was so little last year, we had hoped that this year’s activities would be more interactive. He may still be too little for trick-or-treating, but we had hoped to walk around the neighborhood and show off his costume. Maybe even take him to a kid-friendly Halloween or Fall event, like a hay-ride. At the very least, we had hoped to have family in town.

Unfortunately, none of that is going to be possible. While New York has seen a decline in infection rates, it is still incredibly important that we socially distance and avoid large gatherings. With nationwide infection rates still high, it’s also going to be impossible for either of our families to visit. My husband’s parents live in California; mine in Florida — two states that are both far away and where cases are on the rise.

Still, we’re more determined than ever to make the holiday one to remember. We’ve made Halloween fun before-we can’t let a pandemic stop us now. Here’s what we’ve got up our sleeves to make Halloween special for all of us this year.

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